Koi Fish Pond - Idle Merge Game

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An addictive idle merge game. Create your own Koi fish corporation and expand your business. Release your Koi fish into the pond and win money each time they reach the finish line. Purchase fresh Koi fishes (or gather them from gift boxes) and combine the same level Koi fishes to create a new type. The higher the level of Koi fish, the more money you'll make. Use your earnings to purchase upgrade packages in the Shop, allowing you to generate money faster!

Tap and drag to release your Koi fishes into the pond and earn money every time they cross the finish line. Tap on the fish in the tank to move it back. Drag and drop a fish on another one (of the same type) to merge them into a new/upgraded type. You can buy more tanks and additional fish fairways in the Shop.